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You Dream, We Design

CR8 Architecture Concept is a design bureau that offers clients an integrated approach toward a creative architecture, interior design, and landscape design consultancy accompanied by project management services towards a viable building. ​

Our Vision:
CR8 is about molding concept, vision, function, and aesthetics to cope with changing lifestyles and to elevate the well-being of humanity. Thus, shaping the path of CR8's School of Architecture that practices culture integration and produce finger print in Architecture. To be inspirational and always have alternatives to any solution, clients are involved by laying down their ideas; while, our team transfer these ideas to buildings.  In 15 years, CR8 will be the School of Architecture that best describes clients; satisfies dreams, function, and development; and finally respects environment as well as culture without limitations. 

Our Mission:

​CR8 is able to transcend, produce a work that is sustainable, eco-friendly, unique, and functional. We view ourselves as a partner with our clients, our employees, and society. We seek a trustworthy, united vision with our clients while creating ad hoc organization with our employees. We aim to serve tasteful-appreciative clients who value uniqueness, seek integration, and exceed limits. Hence, we distinguish ourselves by the strong relationship we build with our clients; by the provision of pre-planned projects; integrated sustainable design, and detailed execution; in addition to on-time, high quality, and minimum cost of handing over projects with Integrity and honesty.

Our Philosophy:

  • To Positively Influence, manage the Client’s and the project requirements.

  • Architecture that is deeply rooted in its context

  • Thinking-Sustainable 

  • Realizing the Client’s vision and requirements